Thicker, Longer, more Resilient Lashes

Strong Lashthe safe, effective way to grow eyelashes!

Eyelash Growth Serum that Transcends

Clinically proven formula—25 years of chemistry in every tube

Quick, noticeable results—apparent eyelash growth in only 1 week

Nourish & fortify—get the essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins

FDA approved ingredients—high potency, never diluted by fillers

Easy to use—for those mornings when nothing seems to go right

Save money—stop fussing with annoying eyelashes extensions

100% safe—harmless to the eyelid and iris, zero discoloration
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Pageant Winners using Strong Lash™

Pageant women on-stage and in the spotlight aren’t exactly like the rest of usbut their lashes sure are.

Raquel Riley Thomas
Raquel Riley ThomasMaryland 2011
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“I’ve seen just about everything used to enhance lashes. Strong Lash is the best product to achieve the lashes you’ve been searching for.”

Jessica Riggs
Jessica RiggsWashington 2012
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“After using Strong Lash for a short period of time, I’m already seeing results. My lashes are fuller and look longer. Thank you Strong Lash!”

Kayla Wharton
Kayla WhartonTexas 2012
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“Using Strong Lash for about a month my lashes look beautiful, fuller, stronger and healthier. I really noticed change.”

Kara Arnold
Kara ArnoldUtah 2012
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“With a degree in Biochemistry, the science behind a beauty product means everything to me and Strong Lash has it ALL!”

Kara Arnold | Miss Utah 2012

Eyelashes Extensions—the Right Way—without Compromise!

Nowadays the popular solution for immediate, fabulously-luscious lashes comes down to throwing on a pair of fake eyelash extensions. This may temporarily hide the thinning, twisting, and breaking, but eventually they fall off and ultimately worsen the problem. With Strong Lash, you still have the fabulously-luscious lashes, but without the compromise. Now is the time to strengthen your eyelashes so you can support those extensions. So when choosing Strong Lash, the best eyelash growth serum on the market, know you’re avoiding the damage while pumping up the volume.

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