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Jessica Harvey Mrs. North Carolina 2012
When it comes to lashes, I have pretty much tried it all! What really caught my interest in  Strong Lash was the focus on the product being GOOD for my lashes. I have tried many  products on the market and while some have been effective, the side effects were a big  downside. With Strong Lash I feel confident that I am getting thicker, fuller, lashes without  damage to my eye or eye area. I am also very value driven, and in this economy I want  more for my money in every aspect and I love that Strong Lash gives me more product for  my buck. If the eyes are the window to the soul, with Strong Lash I'm certain to have the  most "eye catching" frame for those windows! 
Raquel Riley Thomas Mrs. Maryland 2011
Strong Lash gives me healthy, thick, long beautiful lashes. I’m amazed at the results and  other people notice my full stunning lashes. After being in the modeling industry for over a  decade I’ve seen just about everything used to enhance lashes. Strong Lash is the best  product out there to achieve the lashes you’ve been searching for.  Photo Courtesy of Roy Cox 
Josie Sanctis Mrs. North Carolina 2013
Strong Lash gives me healthy, thick, long beautiful lashes. I’m amazed at the results and  other people notice my full stunning lashes. After being in the modeling industry for over a  decade I’ve seen just about everything used to enhance lashes. Strong Lash is the best  product out there to achieve the lashes you’ve been searching for. 
Kara Arnold Miss Utah 2012
With a degree in Biochemistry, the science behind a beauty product means everything to  me and Strong Lash™ has it all! Applying nutrients directly to the base of your lashes  makes sense and really works. I started using Strong Lash™ after I was crowned Miss  Utah in June. Even though I wear eyelash extensions, I have absolutely noticed that my  own eyelashes are thicker and stronger which makes my extensions last longer and look  fuller! With the Miss America pageant coming up in January, it’s all about making you look  your best and I definitely trust my lashes to Strong Lash™. 
Brandi Pope Mrs. Virginia 2012
I have always had long lashes, but I’ve noticed as I age that they have started to get  sparse. I have been using Strong Lash™ for only weeks now and have already began to  see an increase in the thickness of my lashes! Having thick, long eyelashes is always in  hot demand and I’m grateful to Strong Lash™ for helping me to look my best! 
Jessica Riggs Mrs. Washington 2012
After using Strong Lash™ for a short period of time, I am already seeing results. My  lashes are fuller and look longer. I am able to achieve the look I want! This is so exciting  for me going into my national competition. Now I have one less thing to worry about.  Thank you Strong Lash™! 
Kayla Wharton Mrs. Texas 2012
After using Strong Lash™ for about a month my lashes look beautiful, fuller, stronger and  healthier. I really noticed change in my lashes. I love Strong Lash™! 
Lisa Bluhm Mrs. Washington 2011
Having worn eyelash extensions for more than 5 years I noticed my lashes were shorter &  sparse. I didn't want to give up wearing extensions but was worried I wouldn't have any of  my own lashes left! Strong Lash™ is an answer to prayer!! Finally a product specifically  for people who wear extensions. Within 1 week of using Strong Lash™ I noticed my  lashes were not coming out when an extension would come off! I am now able to safely  wear my extensions as long as I am using Strong Lash™ !   
Jill Shepherd Miss Utah 2007
I hated putting on my mascara every morning. It was like a "slap in the face" reminder to  me each time of how scant my eyelashes actually were. "Balding" would be a good  description of what my eyelashes were going through.I then heard about this "Strong  Lash™" product. So easy and reasonably priced, I thought, "Why not give it a shot?". The  clear "eye liner" simply takes 2 seconds per eye to apply once a day so I decided to give it  a try. After 2 weeks of faithfully using it, I started to notice the first difference when  applying my mascara. My eyelashes actually seemed stronger against the stroke of the  brush! More resilient as it advertises. I was, to say the least, quite impressed. I continued  to use it to keep up the strength in my lashes and started noticing what else was  happening to my lashes. They were actually getting longer! Strong Lash™ works! I  actually look forward to putting on my mascara now every day because I absolutely love  the way my eyelashes look and love that their mine.   
Elisha Ballard Mrs. Kentucky
In preparing for the Mrs. America Pageant I noticed that my eyelashes were short, thin  and didn’t frame my eyes well. I decided to give Strong Lash™ a try because I didn’t have  to worry about it staining my iris or eyelids. I have been using the product for a little over  three weeks and there is an amazing difference my eyelashes are longer, wider and look  beautiful! I have personally recommended this product to all of my girlfriends and wanted  you to know how much I love Strong Lash™, Thanks a million!   
I am so happy that I was able to use the Strong Lash™ product during your development  process. When you said I would get results, you were not kidding.  I’m 33 and have been  using various products from the expensive retail store in my area, and have just not  received the results I was looking for until you shared the Strong Lash™ with me. Thanks.  I’ll be using this product from now on!   
I am writing to you to tell you about my experience with Strong Lash™.  I don’t like to tell  my age, but I’m 52 years old. I have been trying to take care of my skin and body for my  whole life. My daughter works for a very exclusive specialty hair salon. She put me on to  the Strong Lash™ product. I have only been using it for a little bit less than a month and  would like to report that my lashes have never looked so full. My husband normally does  not make comments, but he even noticed how much more full they look.   
My eyelashes have always been weak and not very strong. When I married in February I  wanted to get eye lash extensions, but when I went to the salon where my cousin works,  she recommended that I not get them, because of my tiny eyelashes. She said they would  not hold up very well. But she told me about Strong Lash™. Since I got married, I started  using it twice per day. I can’t believe how it made may lashes grow wider. They told me  that it would make my lashes stay in longer without falling out and as such, my lash bed  would then look more full. It definitely works. 
Amy Clark Mrs. Washington 2013
I have always had long lashes, but I have had to curl them daily to keep them out of my  eyes. As I've aged, I've noticed that my eyelashes were breaking and sometimes even  falling out, causing missing spots on my lash line and making it very difficult to curl.    Since using Stronglash, my eyelashes have not only stopped breaking, but have become  even thicker and longer. This has cut the amount of time spent trying to get all my lashes  to curl and is great for all of the appearances I make as Mrs. Washington. No false  eyelashes for me!  The best part was when my own sister noticed that my eyelashes looked better, and she  didn't know I started using this product! Thanks Stronglash!! 
Jaci Agustin Mrs. Hawaii 2013
Eyelashes are the epitome of femininity  and I am thankful for the product Strong Lash  that helps women to feel more beautiful with each use. I also love the fact that I don't  need a prescription to get it and that there are no side effects! Strong Lash makes being  beautiful easy and accessible. I have really enjoyed the results I have seen over the past  couple of months and I highly recommend the product to everyone!   
Kawailehua Pakjake Mrs. Waikiki America 2013
I have always been blessed with strong, thick, & full lashes. When entering my state  pageant, I wanted to give my eyes that extra pop so naturally I applied extensions.  However, after my extensions fell out, my lashes were not the same. They became weak &   extremely sparse. They were definitely not the lashes I had prior to my extensions. I  began using Strong Lash and to my surprise, results were visible after only 1 week! Within  3 weeks my lashes have been fully restored to what they once were and I am ecstatic to  see what my lashes will look like with continued use of Strong Lash. Applying Strong Lash  is a quick and easy addition to my daily routine. My favorite part about Strong Lash is that  it is safe with no side effects at all!  My only regret: Not using Strong Lash sooner! Anyone  who is considering Strong Lash, don't hesitate another minute! Use while you have  extensions, and a must have after;  you won't regret it! Thank you Strong Lash!!   
Kari Volen Mrs. California America 2013
Having been involved in beauty pageants for over 15 years, I have used all types of  beauty products, but Strong Lash is definitely one of my very favorites. My lashes became  very brittle and would break off from the constant application and removal of makeup and  false lashes. I was introduced to the product as a contestant for Mrs. California America  and I found my lashes to be more durable and have less breakage. They also look fuller! I  am so impressed with this product and I am proud to have them as one of my sponsors as  the new Mrs. California! Kari Volen