Normally Science is Boring, Not this!

We don’t believe in shortcuts! That’s why our chemist with over 25-years’ experience in high-end cosmetics formulated Strong Lash from the ground up. Our customers know that beautiful lashes don’t just happen by accident; but by proven scientific development. And of course ALL ingredients have been properly tested and are of pharmaceutical grade and quality before ever reaching you.

Invest a moment with us and learn how our small-business has become a trusted, nationwide source for eyelash growth serum that—really—works!

What three things does Strong Lash have in common with the hair cycle? In short, targeted attention toward the three principal factors that control the hair cycle, including hormonal balance, the vascular system, and cell metabolism.

For those who are losing eyelashes, this means that Strong Lash focuses attention where it’s needed: on activating anagen, or the growth cycle, of the hair follicle. So, what does this mean and what does our lash growth serum actually do? We’re glad you asked.

  • Prevents Androgenic Alopecia – Hair loss is caused in part by the transformation of testosterone into 5a-DHT. Our formula inhibits the activity of 5a-reductase II, preventing alopecia and promoting the growth of fuller, longer, more resilient lashes.
  • Increases Vascular Density – This means that Strong Lash supplies oxygen and nutrients where they are needed most: around the hair follicle. For you, this means the thicker, fuller lashes you want!
  • Promotes Hair Growth – By stimulating the differentiation capacity of cells located in the hair bulb while supporting the keratinization necessary for eyelash growth.

Tested in vivo, our serum both reduces hair loss and increases hair density, giving our customers a win-win situation when it comes to eyelash growth. And, by applying this nutritive and revitalizing cocktail twice daily, you can experience what countless other women already have: the secret of how to grow longer eyelashes without compromising on safety.

So, what does Strong Lash have in common with the hair growth cycle? Everything.