Real People, Real Results

Our goal is to ensure you have no lingering doubts regarding results, quality, or ability to revolutionize your own lashes after reading our testimonials. And so without reservation we invited those ladies committed to looking their very best, share their results with you. So please, spend a moment with us and learn how people just like you are enjoying thicker, longer, more resilient lashes!

Raquel Riley Thomas
Raquel Riley ThomasMaryland 2011
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“I’ve seen just about everything used to enhance lashes. Strong Lash is the best product to achieve the lashes you’ve been searching for.”

Jessica Riggs
Jessica RiggsWashington 2012
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“After using Strong Lash for a short period of time, I’m already seeing results. My lashes are fuller and look longer. Thank you Strong Lash!”

Kayla Wharton
Kayla WhartonTexas 2012
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“Using Strong Lash for about a month my lashes look beautiful, fuller, stronger and healthier. I really noticed change.”

Kara Arnold
Kara ArnoldUtah 2012
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“With a degree in Biochemistry, the science behind a beauty product means everything to me and Strong Lash has it all!”

Brandi Pope
Brandi PopeVirginia 2012
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“Having thick, long eyelashes is always in hot demand and I’m grateful to Strong Lash for helping me to look my best!”

Jessica Harvey
Jessica HarveyNorth Carolina 2012
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“If eyes are the window to the soul, then with Strong Lash I’m certain to have the most eye catching frame for those windows!”

Jill Shepherd
Jill ShepherdUtah 2007
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“So easy and reasonably priced, “Why not give it a shot?” The clear “eye liner” simply takes 2 seconds per eye so I decided to give it a try.”

Josie Sanctis
Josie SanctisNorth Carolina 2013
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“Strong Lash gives me healthy, thick, long beautiful lashes. I’m amazed at the results and other people notice my full stunning lashes.”

Emily Maynard

The Bachelorette (season 8)